13TH Central And Eastern Europe Carriers And Enterprises Event.

3RD Central And Eastern Europe DATA CENTER Event.

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Opatija, Croatia
19. – 21. March, 2025

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CEE CEE and CEE DCE – two conferences at the same venue and at the same time, so that you can meet everyone!

CEE CEE is one of the leading conferences in South-Eastern Europe related to telecommunications, information security and digital transformation, already in its thirteenth edition. Our world rapidly changes and all three major areas covered at CEE CEE are tightly bonded in many ways, so interdisciplinarity is natural way to expand the conference, addressing the main issues and challenges of today’s businesses.

Thus, two years ago we introduced a new event, at the same time and at the same venue, called CEE DCE, a new data center event, aiming to gather Croatian and regional specialists in data center field at one place. Considering that a lot of them already have a habit of being at CEE CEE, this seemed as a natural step forward and became an initial success!

At our next event in Opatija, we are expecting 300-350 attendees from the world of telecommunications, data centers, IT, system integrations and closely related fields, representing companies from several dozen countries. Levels represented at the conference will include mainly leading people from sales and technical departments, as well as representatives of higher management. Incumbents, alternative telecoms and mobile operators will be represented, as well as systemintegrators and companies offering special solutions related to this area of the industry.

Pricing details and sponsorship opportunities will be announced later but you can already save the dates for 2025!

We are looking forward to meeting you in Opatija!


The 13th CEE CEE and 3rd CEE DCE will include managers, salesmen and technical decision makers from all over the region.

It is primarily designed for

  • Sales persons in telecom and data center companies, including those at national and regional level
  • Business people involved in the strategic aspects of running their companies including senior executives and Board members, sales managers, IT directors, business analysts, department heads, etc.
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Benefits For Attendees

  • Exceptional networking
  • Unique opportunity to directly learn from the best telecom and data center companies
  • Introduction to the progressive thinking, immense international experience, latest global trends, cognitions and practices
  • Sole chance to acquire direct experiences and key new competences
  • Continuous string of pre-arranged bilateral meetings with other attendees
  • Incentives and ideas for initiating new projects
  • Rich program of social activities during the conference (parties, lunches, surprise events)

CEE CEE13 and CEE DCE3 will again be held in well-known venue of Hotel Ambasador, Opatija, perfectly suitable for a networking oriented conference

CEE CEE proudly presents one of the most famous hotels in Opatija as its venue again. We are proud to welcome you to glorious five-star Hotel Ambasador – CEE CEE and CEE DCE are conveniently placed at a single venue, where the conference and welcome party will be held, with enough reserved rooms for accommodation of the delegates. We are highly respecting your time and schedules, single-point conference is the most convenient way for our guest and visitors to enjoy both the conference and any free time dedicated to themselves.

Built in 1966., Hotel Ambasador is projected by famous architect Zdravko Bregovac and considered a masterpiece of modernist touristic architecture. Highly functional and gracefully visually opposed to all the classic late 19th century buildings dominating Opatija landscape, it is situated at walking distance to the centre of the city. Reopened in 2019. after an extensive and thorough renovation, it is considered one of the most prestigious hotels in Opatija. With its conferencing and dining capabilities it is exceptionally well-suited for the events like CEE CEE and CEE DCE.

During our online registrations we are offering you accommodation at this hotel during the process, at special prices agreed with Liburnia Riviera Hotels, available only to the CEE CEE and CEE DCE attendees. Should you have any additional questions (e.g. prolonged stay at conference venue, special requirements or optional four-star accommodation at Heritage Hotel Imperial) please be free to send it to info@cee-cee.net We are doing our best to fully enhance your experience of Opatija and make your stay there during the conference more enjoyable.

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Ambasador Hotel
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